Grassmark Video Studio

Cosy chroma space

The Grassmark video studio is the place to shoot annual reports, product videos or talk shows, for example. The studio is located on the 1st floor to make load in easy. A floating structure makes the studio quiet and the echoes natural. One can choose between a green chroma (2 walls) or a black/white molton curtain. The windows to the side can be opened to let daylight in, if suitable. The studio ceiling is covered with bar grid so rigging gear up high will be no problem. The internal SDI cabling enables simultaneous use of both the video studio and the sound studio behind the wall on the left.

Right next to the video studio is a control room, where productions are monitored and possible multicamera broadcasts operated.

Dimensions: H 4,2m W 4,9m L 8,6m
Power outlet: 63A / 32A