Broadcast Operations

2000+ broadcasts a year

We ARE live. Grassmark will help you deliver the optimum broadcast product for your viewers considering the event, venue and budget. There are cases when one camera operator and graphics console will do the trick – on other occasions your production will require a large multi camera production with separate studio settings and wireless rovers off site. We will determine the efficient use for each of these setups and everything in between cherishing your objectives as a company.

Currently Grassmark broadcasts a variety of sporting events ranging from ice hockey and soccer to track and field and basketball. The main distributors for our productions are online pay TV’s and linear TV networks. We also stream e-sports, a number of business events of different sizes plus music concerts, seminars etc.

From planning to delivery

We don’t want just to deliver gear – we see us as your consultative partner throughout the whole project and beyond. Our expertise in producing and planning will help you avoid many pitfalls the existence of which you were not even aware of. It is crucial to get Grassmark on board early to steer the ship efficiently towards the desired outcome without any unnecessary hassle and detours. Together with you we will find the best ways to complete any broadcasting assignment.

As a true 360 house we love to provide the whole production chain from planning to production and online delivery to any of your desired platforms from Facebook/Youtube channels to national TV networks. Oh, and by the way: we deliver the gear, too :–)

Superb expertise for the modern communicational needs. Trailblazer for the future of live broadcasting. Harri Halme, Head of Marketing / PN Turku Oy